• MACRO Research. The Macroecological Riverine Synthesis project.
  • LECHI Lentic Chironomidae (LECHI) project.
    • I collaborate with the Sudeep Chandra and others in the study of these unique ecosytems.
  • MAIS The Mongolian Aquatic Insect Survey (MAIS).
  • CPEN Chironomid pupal exuviae of Nebraska (CPEN).
    • I collected floating pupal exuviae of chironomids in conjunction with water quality and physical and habitat parameters to describe the ecology of aquatic habitat in Nebraska.
  • STEAM STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. I work on projects that integrate across all these disciplines.
  • PHYTODIPS Diptera in phytotelmata (PHYTODIPS).
    • Phytotelmata refers to plant held water. I collaborate with Caroline Chaboo in the study of the unique communities of aquatic Diptera that inhabit phytotelmata in bromeliads and Heliconia.

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